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Quartzite Bath Countertop In AZ

Quartz Bath Countertop In AZ

In many homes today the bathrooms have become a focal point for décor. In recent years designers have integrated the master bathroom into the master bedroom replacing doors for access with large archways. It's an easy choice to use stone countertops as part of your design, given your wide selection of materials and colors.

Quartzite Bath Countertop In AZ

Quartz Bath Countertop In AZ


One of the most common surfaces used for bathroom countertops is marble. With a soft satin finish, marble gives a bathroom a warm elegant feeling. Marble is available in a wide variety of colors and it easily fits into any homes color scheme.


Travertine’s surface is naturally pitted and is either filled with a white resin and then polished to a shine or it is left pitted and rough. It’s natural look fits well with old world décor.


Fast becoming a favorite stone product for bathroom walls and countertops because of its translucent coloring. Onyx slabs come in the most vibrant colors available. Some are translucent and others are opaque. Some designers are even backlighting vanities underneath the onyx countertops allowing light to illuminate the stone. Onyx countertops using the proper lighting and a partially recessed opaque vessel sink creates a stunning presentation.


You can't go wrong with granite. It's a great selection for bathroom counter tops because of its wide selection of colors. Its durability is second only to stainless steel.

Value And The "WOW" Factor

There are many considerations when it comes to bathroom décor. Most designers and luxury home owners agree that stone countertops are a must if you aim to "wow" your guests. They are also a great value if you simply want some tranquility and style added to the master bath areas of your home.

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