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By Rod Seaman

Granite countertops are by far the customers favorite choice when selecting a material for counter tops. Granite qualities like its natural beauty, its rich luster and its rugged strength make it an ideal surface. There are a multitude of colors from which to choose and will enhance any decor. Granite is the top choice in Phoenix, Arizona and surrounding cities.

Granite Durability

Extremely resistant to heat, hot pots and pans can be set directly on the granite surface. Although it would be unnatural to do so, one can cut directly on top of natural stone without concerning yourself about scratching granite counter tops. Only diamond plated tooling and granite itself can scratch this virtually-indestructible material.

Health & Safety

Granite is also one of the healthiest choices as granite countertops are ranked #2 for the total microorganisms per square inch left behind after an average wipe down. (Stainless steel is ranked #1).

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