Single Laminate Edges For Countertops

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Counter top edge detail options for single laminates

Common edge details with a single lamination are shown in the illustrations below. These edge details have a “laminated” edge. The word laminated in this case is defined by using an adhesive to fuse an additional strip of stone along all of the edges that contain edge detail giving the countertop a thicker appearance.

Both 3cm and 2cm material can be laminated

2cm material is approximately ¾” making a finished single laminated edge equal 1 ½” (twice the thickness)

3cm material is approximately 1 ¼” making a finished single laminated edge equal 2 ½” (twice the thickness)

Laminating 3cm material is not as common as laminating 2cm material. Laminating two pieces of 3cm results in a 2 ½” edge detail. This thickness is considered bulky for the average kitchen.

Examples of Single-Laminated Edge Detail For Granite Countertops

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