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Frequently Asked Questions About Counter Tops

Q: How long will it take to get my new countertops installed?

A: We try to maintain a two-week turnaround time on projects. The clock starts when a contract is signed and a deposit is submitted. Many different elements can effect this time frame, however the workload of our company may be the biggest factor.

Q: Can I select my own natural stone material?

A: Absolutely! We prefer that you personally visit the stone distributor and hand select the slab(s) we will use for your project. If for some reason you are unable to go hand select your material we will order it for you. This option requires you to endorse your contract allowing us to do so.

Q: Is there a deposit required to get started?

A: Yes, the industry standard for contractors is a deposit of 50%. The final 50% is paid when the work is complete and you are 100% satisfied with our work.

Q: How often am I going to need to seal my granite countertops?

A: How often you seal your granite is directly proportionate to the amount of use or traffic they see. The standard answer is two times per year. I find many customers will seal their granite several times a year because it is very easy to do, and the sealing process brings back the luster in the stone making it look like it was just installed.

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