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Soapstone is very unique surface to use for countertop applications. It is a hard stone that "looks" very soft and "feels" very soft because one of the four minerals in its makeup is talc. Mineral oil is used to keep the stone looking shiny and new. The surface can get a worn look fairly quickly much like leather. Mineral oil rejuvenates a soapstone countertops to look like new. A stone sealant can also be used in conjunction with mineral oil. Another unique characteristic of soapstone is that unlike all other stone countertop surfaces, soapstone will not absorb stains.

If a dark area is “stained” onto the surface of this stone, it is just that, on the surface only. If conventional means does not remove the affected area, the surface can be sanded to remove the stain, followed by an application of mineral oil.


This stone is very maintenance friendly and this should be your biggest consideration when selecting soapstone.

Soapstone Countertop Ratings

Ratings 1 to 10, with 10 being the "Best":

Durability - 9
Color Selection - 1
Natural Beauty - 8
Health Issues - 9
Relative Price - 6*

*To other stones, 10 being the most expensive.


May stain easily and requires minor maintenance with mineral oil.

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