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Counter tops for the patio and barbecue area.

If you are an Arizona resident you know how much we value the weather and time spent outdoors. With more sunny days than just about anywhere else in the country, you may be considering a barbecue island or back yard bar. Natural stone countertops in the sunlight are very striking and make the perfect finishing touch to any outdoor counter area.

Durability And Value

With of the summer heat and intense sunlight, any laminated countertops used outside will generally have a one to two year life span at best. Tile is an option as well, however the grout is generally outlasted by the tiles and has the tendency to break away from the tile with extreme temperature changes, rain, and sunshine. Finishing your project with stone slab countertop materials will not only look beautiful, but will also endure the Phoenix outdoor elements for the years to come.

Slab Or Tile Tops For Outdoors?

The smooth surface of stone slab countertops allows for easy cleanup without grout lines. Glasses and other items are more stable on stone slab counter tops in contrast to grouted tiles tops. What ever type or color of stone that is chosen for your outdoor barbecue island or bar, rest assured it will be striking, long lasting, and easy to care for.

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