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Splash, or often referred to as “back-splash”, is the portion of the countertop that covers the walls behind, or on the sides of the countertops. It is most commonly seen in kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, or anywhere liquids might come in contact with the countertop often (i.e. sink areas). The majority of the countertops requiring back-splash use a standard 4” splash.

Some kitchen get outfitted with a full splash which runs from the countertop, all the way up to the bottoms of the upper cabinets completely covering the wall. The 4” splash and the full splash each have their own unique final look. The advantage of the full plash is the ease of cleanup. The standard height of full splash is 18” from the countertop to the bottom of the upper cabinet. Custom splashes of any height can be created depending on your particular cabinet configuration. In the case where your kitchen utilizes a freestanding range with a range hood mounted above it, the measurement from the range hood to the range will change and is unique to each home.

Splashes do not always have to be built of the same material as your countertops. Splashes can be built out of tile, slate, or just about any washable material that fits your particular décor. One popular option many clients are steering towards is a tile mosaic in place of matching back splash.

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