The Countertop Process

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Contact me to set an appointment

I will answer many of your initial questions via telephone or e-mail. We will then set a time that is convenient for you to meet at your home. At that time I will take measurements of your project, discuss options and estimate the cost of the project. This information will be provided to you as a formal proposal. We can then begin the process immediately upon acceptance of the proposal and receipt of deposit.


We will then schedule two more visits to your home. The first scheduled date allows us to build a template of your project. The second scheduled date will be the day we install your new countertops.

Stone Selection

For granite, quartz, marble, or any other natural stone countertops, I will be directing you to visit a stone slab distributor in order to select your material. We will then order the stone that you have selected and have it delivered to our fabrication facility.

Sinks & Appliances

All sinks, faucets, appliances etc. pertaining to your project need to be purchased and/or delivered to your home prior to your template date. This information is especially important when items are being special ordered. Our template personnel will pick up these items, or their corresponding templates, and take them with him/her to our facility for our fabricators to reference during the construction of your project.

Removal Of Existing Countertops

Prior to our arrival, existing countertops must be removed (applicable in cases where we are replacing existing countertops as opposed to cases when new cabinets have been installed). You will have the option in your contract to have our company remove existing countertops, or you may elect to do so yourself. If you elected to have us remove existing countertops, be sure that the old countertops are cleared and ready to be removed by our staff.

Plumbing & Electrical

Countertop fabricators generally do not carry a contractor license for plumbing or electrical work. In the event that your project requires such work you can choose your own provider or we can recommend a plumber and/or an electrician for you. Should any plumbing or electrical connections or disconnection’s be required, then it is the customers responsibility to see that disconnection’s have been made prior to the installation date. Reconnections should be scheduled after the installers have completed your project.


We will install the new countertops, sub-tops, and back splash. Once the installation is complete the countertops are then thoroughly cleaned and sealed (natural stone only) Your project is complete.

Final Payment

Once you are 100% happy with the final project we will collect the balance of your contract price.

Enjoy For A Lifetime

If you are like most of our clients, you will be extremely happy with the results. Call some of your closest friends and family. Invite them over to see your new creation! If they like what they see, I would appreciate the opportunity to meet with them and discuss their countertop dreams.

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