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Issues and options impacting counter top costs.

Every kitchen is unique, therefore every job is considered a custom fit. With so many different ways to build your countertops, two kitchens that are approximately the same size can have dramatically different prices. Some of the items that impact pricing include stone selection, edge detail options, sink types, range styles, splash options... just to name a few. I will be happy to discuss these options and answer all your questions.

Call to schedule an appointment with me at a convenient time when we can spend 30 minutes or so together at your countertop location. I will make a drawing to scale of the project, answer all of your questions, and complete a formal proposal while I am there.

If for some reason it's not possible for me to visit the location, a proposal can be obtained via drawings with measurements. A layout of the project can be faxed or e-mailed to me, and we can correspond via e-mail or telephone to share details of the work to be done.

Call me at 480 292-0975 or visit our Contact Us page for other options.

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