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The term “edge detail” refers to the visible edge of the countertops that is normally on the front, and sometimes on the sides of the countertops. For instance a freestanding kitchen island that is rectangular or square in shape would be said to contain “four sides of edge detail”.

Edge detail is fabricated onto the edge of your countertops and there are several hundred options from which to choose. Generally the more elaborate the edge detail, the more expensive the total job becomes. We have broken down edge details into three basic categories, non laminated, single lamination, and multiple laminations. The term “lamination” refers to using an adhesive to bond two pieces of slab together at the edge to create an edge detail that appears exactly twice as thick. Although rare, double laminations and triple lamination can be built for exotic edge details with an appearance of an incredibly thick countertop material. The pictures in this section cover most of the standard and some of the upgraded edge details from which to choose.

Non-Laminated Countertop Edge Detail.

Single Lamination Countertop Edge Detail.

Multiple Laminations Countertop Edge Detail.

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