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Deciding what color of stone is right for your particular application is solely a matter of taste. With all of the different colors of stone available today, you might find several selections of stone that all contain the colors that fit into your color scheme.

Color Selection

There are three methods for viewing stone color options.

View Sample Swatches. I generally carry 40 – 50 samples of stone with me, and you are welcome to view them at the time I estimate your project. Collectively, there are as many as 400 different colors of stone to choose from, therefore a trip to a natural stone slab distributor can be much more productive.

View Stone Samples On The Internet. Some of the larger stone slab distributors have quality web sites that contain high-resolution photographs of their inventory. This is a great way to narrow down color groups, take notes on particular colors for viewing at the distributor, etc.

Visit The Slab Distributors. This is the ultimate way to make your final decision on color. Most distributors have their inventory on racks that create “shopping” isles so that each color selection can be fully viewed as you walk through the warehouse. Most slab distributors are open normal business hours, and some are open on Saturday. Walk-in customers are welcome, however, it is always best to make an appointment for two main reasons. The first reason is that Color selection can simply be time consuming. Without an appointment you can find yourself waiting for a customer service rep to finish up with his/her client. The second reason for making an appointment is once you have made a color selection, your sales representative will usually have a group of your final stone selections moved to a viewing area. Here you will choose the exact slabs you will be using for your project. With an appointment the customer service representative can line up the proper employees needed to service you in a timely manner.

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