Ovens & Ranges

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Removal and installation of ranges and ovens.

Choose from a variety of installation options depending on the appliances you select to go with your new countertops.

Free-Standing Ranges

Free-standing ranges have finished sides and rear control panels. This type of range requires a “break” in the countertop for the free standing to range to be pushed back up against the back wall.

Slide In Ranges

Slide-in ranges are very similar to freestanding ranges except that there is generally a strip of countertop installed across the back wall behind the slide-in range. The cut out for this type of range is more precise than freestanding ranges as its sides and back rest on top of the countertop utilizing a small “lip” to support it.. Slide-in ranges have a seamless, built-in look with controls on the front of the range.

Drop In Ranges

Drop-in ranges require a cutout in the countertop that is left unfinished as the drop-in range covers the cutout completely. The cabinets will require certain modifications using this type of range allowing for a tight fit. Controls are generally mounted on the front of the type of range.

Cook Tops

In the event the heating surface, and oven are separate units in different locations, your heating surface is considered a cook top. New cook tops generally come with a schematic or a template to give guidance for the countertop cut out that is required. If you plan to use your existing cook top, then a measurement will be taken directly from it to make the proper cut out in the countertop.

Single Or Double Ovens

Separate single or double ovens have no bearing on countertop installation.

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