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When replacing countertops in your home where sinks are installed, most of our clients opt for a new sink to go with their new counter tops. If you decide that a new sink is in order, you will eventually need to choose one that not only works well with your décor, but also functions well in your kitchen, bathroom, bar, laundry, etc. There are many different materials to choose from, and selecting from options like stainless steel, cast iron, china, granite, glass, etc. are all a matter of personal preference and taste. The manner in which your sink will be mounted into your new countertop is another decision that will need to be made. Most sinks are available in one, or all four of these installation types : under-mount, self rimming, apron front, or vessels.

Under Mount (Bottom Mount)

The first, and most popular by far, is the “Under-Mount sink”. After a hole has been cut into the countertop to exactly fit the sink that you have chosen, the raw edges from that cut out are then polished and sealed. The sink is then mounted under the countertop and directly below the cut out. This type of sink mount eliminates the “lip” or “rim” of the sink that is normally exposed on top of the countertop. The benefits of this type of sink mount are its clean, uncluttered look, and the ease of wiping debris from the countertop directly into the sink without the sink rim getting in the way and collecting mold and/or mildew.

Self Rimming (Over Mount, Top Mount)

The“self-rimming sink” rests on top of the countertop after a hole is cut out to exactly match the sink that you have chosen. This type of sink is less expensive to fabricate, as the edges of the sink cutout are not visible and do not require polishing. Most cast iron sinks for kitchen applications are self-rimming as they are very heavy, however some models are available with special clips and are designed to be under-mounted.

Apron Front

Apron front sinks , commonly referred to as a “farm house sinks” are generally available in both an under mount or a self-rimming sink of type. An apron front sink differs from the standard under mount or self-rimming sink in that there is an apron that is part of the sink itself that is exposed and runs down the front of the sink, replacing the front upper portion of the cabinet box. Your cabinets are generally custom built to accommodate this type of sink. Usually seen in kitchens with heavy traffic, the benefit of an apron front sink is the preservation of the cabinet box in front of where the sink is mounted.

Vessel Sinks

Bathroom vanity’s also commonly use under mount and self-rimming sinks. A bathroom vanity sink type that has become popular in the recent years is the “Vessel sink”. Vessel sinks are mounted on top of the countertop exposing the sides of this usually decorative sink bowl. This installation requires a cut out for the drain only. The edges of this cut out are also not polished, thus it is an inexpensive sink type to fabricate. In some cases a vessel sink is manufactured to “partially recess” into the countertop. The shape of this type of sink and the material from which the sink is made dictate the cost of fabrication. Some partially recessed vessel sinks come in clear or partially clear glass. In this case, the cutout needs to be polished as it is exposed through the glass bowl.

Of all of the sink types available, the under-mount sink is popular for two main reasons. Aesthetics is the primary reason, and ease of use and cleaning is the second. With a sink mounted under the countertop, spills and debris from the countertops are easily wiped directly into the sink without the obstruction of the sink itself. It also gives your kitchen or bathroom a less cluttered appearance.

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